Welcome to Bradford Film Literacy


The Bradford Film Literacy Programme aims to engage and inspire teachers and their students to use film and moving image to create, develop and enthuse young people’s interest in literacy through the medium of film.

It is accepted that society has a responsibility to ensure that children learn to read and write in order to empower them to live their lives to the full as active citizens. In an age when children and young people receive much of their education, information and entertainment via moving images it is suggested that children and young people should similarly be enabled to be media literate too.

Film literacy enables them to understand how the film and moving image texts that they consume make meaning, encourages them to watch films from a variety of sources and inspires them to create films of their own. In so doing they are empowered to be culturally literate – to be able to ‘read’ the films and moving image texts they see every day and ‘write’ their own for others to watch too.

Britain already has what are probably some of the best film education initiatives in the world. However, for most young people, if they experience film education at all it is as isolated episodes that lack consistency and progression. In Bradford we want to move film education on from being a series of disconnected experiences to becoming an integral part of every young person’s life – a systematic process in which confidence and articulacy grow by having the opportunity to see a wide range of films, to gain a critical understanding of film and to enjoy the creative activity of filmmaking.