PHD Case Study

The University of Bradford and Bradford UNESCO City of Film co-funded a PhD post that  followed the Bradford Primary Film Literacy Project. The PhD postholder is Franzi Florack.

Franzi’s PhD thesis outline is as follows:

“Despite a constant rise in the level of SATs (Statutory Assessment Tests) results year on year, the perception remains that British primary school children are underachieving and that they are reluctant readers and writers. Teachers find it difficult to engage their pupils, especially boys, in writing activities and to foster their enthusiasm for written texts. In order to motivate their students, some teachers use film as a visual stimulus to provide students with ideas and create a personal and emotional connection with the written text.

Since its invention 115 years ago, film has continued to affect human beings in a way that very few other media can. My PhD discusses the connection between the emotions that films can evoke and children’s potential engagement with writing as a result of the subsequent strong feelings. In the school years of 2013/14 and 2014/15, I observed a range of classes which are involved in a media literacy scheme. Currently, my research focuses on linking the available literature on film, emotion and education to my research results.”

If you are interested in following Franzi’s thoughts as she progresses through her PhD journey then you can follow her blog: